Your brand's social media places you directly into the hands of your consumer. Now more than ever, authenticity is key to differentiating and making the most of your social messaging. The Gauge Collective turns the traditional notion of social media and marketing on its head. Think of us as a new age #antiAgency - a group of dedicated, creative freelancers here to take your brand footprint to the next level. 

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strategy development

A sound social and digital strategy is organized, well-thought out, and fluid. TGC transforms the average social calendar into a detailed roadmap that takes your brand in the right direction. 


Content creatioN & COMMUNITY management

Content that educates and entertains your community organically increases engagement and buzz. TGC leverages powerhouse creative and regular conversational immersion to position your brand above the rest.  


digital advertising

Advertising through social media is a seamless and efficient way to build your business and target new customers. From planning to executing and reporting, TGC elevates your digital ads while maintaining your core brand attributes.