The first blog post always seems like a reason for celebration, doesn't it? 

I'm so thrilled to now bring thoughtful and timely content to all of you on a regular basis. Up until this point, the creation and literal birth of The Gauge Collective has been an exhilarating and energizing journey. What started as a few freelance opportunities quickly became a small community of passionate people dedicated to helping brands, big and small, tell their story in a way that is truly authentic and organic to their brand, mission, and founding principles. Our partners are diverse and eclectic, but all of them believe in the power and reach of social and digital communication. 

Becoming a business owner at 27 was daunting, no doubt. But I find myself, day in and day out, inspired by the amazing people I get to work with. From clients to freelancers, The Gauge Collective has found its stride in an art form that is deeply rooted in time yet constantly evolving: storytelling. To say I am excited to see how we continue to grow is an understatement. This is just the beginning for us. 

What can you come to expect from our owned social and blogging? Well, for starters, an in-depth look at what is happening in the social, digital, and design worlds. Every day, these concepts shift and change with the culture that defines them. I'm a nerd in the sense that I love watching how social media adapts to the times, and we'll be sharing some of our favorite trends and developments with you. 

Additionally, we'll be spotlighting the amazing work our clients and freelancers are doing. Not just on the social and digital front, but also the incredible products and services they offer and the ways they are changing the game. I hope it opens your eyes to the fact that, no matter how big or small your organization is, you can utilize creativity and authenticity to leave an impact. 

Finally, I want to create an open dialogue between our community of followers, our clients, and our organization. Our team is growing, and the talent and expertise of our group is unmet. Feel free to reach out to us directly with questions, requests, or even just ideas by submitting a note via the "Get Gauged" tab. 

I can't wait to share so much with you on this incredible journey. Cheers!