be heard in today's digital landscape was the starting point for The Gauge Collective's Founder, Teddy Heidt. 

After almost six years of managing marketing and social media for brands like The Walt Disney Company and Protein Bar Restaurants, Teddy recognized an interesting need in the ever changing social sphere. Large social media and marketing firms, while having endless resources to support and manage a brand's digital efforts, often lost the one thing every brand wants: authenticity. It's so simple yet so profound. Authenticity in marketing and communication pushes messaging with powerful momentum, reaches loyal and new guests regularly, and positively impacts the bottom line. So what were the big players missing?

The person or team who manages your social media content needs to know the ins and outs of your brand, as if they themselves created it right alongside you. It's more than just your mission and core values - it's the inner workings of your product, the day to day thoughts of your target demographic, and those unspoken ideas that pop into your head from time to time. This is where many social media and marketing firms go awry, leaving a brand with great engagement, but inauthentic, one dimensional content. And this is where The Gauge Collective takes off. 

Teddy took the leap at the end of 2016 into the world of social media consulting to fix this very problem, on a small scale. He created The Gauge Collective, a community of powerhouse social, digital, and creative freelancers, which helped the smallest of start-ups to established institutions craft a social media program that is true to them. Starting with a full immersion into the brand's history, culture, values, and voice, TGC creates an unconventional, yet successful, roadmap for digital success while maintaining a brand's true authenticity right alongside you. It's personal, it's powerful, and it's successful. 

What else can be said besides we'd love to help take your brand to the next level in any capacity. Feel free to reach out via the "Get Gauged" tab, and we will personally be in touch with you within 24 hours. 

Now, let's get to work.